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Fleece Retention

Stud Fee

Starter Herd

Individual Goat Sales
Sales Invoice

Right of 'No Sale'


  • Pricing of a Melibran Farms' goat varies based on many factors (eg, age of animal, quality of fiber, time of year, show awards, 4H sponsorship, wethers vs. herd sires, auctions).  Potential customers should communicate their herd and fiber goals when contacting Melibran Farms to ensure the appropriate animals are offered for sale.  Melibran Farms may have available goats that are not advertised on the website.  Auction pricing is applicable only during the posted date(s) and time(s) of the auction.

  • In most cases, a goat will be sheared and the fleece retained by Melibran Farms prior to transfer of ownership.  If you would like to obtain the fleece of a purchased goat, an additional fee will be charged.  The fleece fee will be communicated by Melibran Farms at time of sale.

  • Melibran Farms can provide a buck to service one or more does.  Stud fees are $75 - $150 per doe, depending on the buck used as sire.  Stud fees are due at time of kidding and must be received prior to Melibran Farms provision of a Service Memo for kid registration.  

  • Melibran Farms can provide customers with a starter herd (3 or more does and 1 buck).  Starter herds are not advertised on the website.  

  • In general, Melibran Farms sells does in pair or trio groupings and bucks with a buddy (ie, a wether or another buck).  A goat will only be sold by itself if there is an existing goat herd the animal will join and Melibran Farms agrees that the new home is a good fit for the animal.  If there isn't an existing herd, a minimum of 2 goats (preferably 3) will need to be purchased.  Wethers and pet quality goats are affordably priced and make very good herd buddies for breeding or show quality animals.

  • Non-Auction Transactions:  Melibran Farms provides a written sales invoice when a potential customer expresses the desire to purchase a goat(s).  The invoice will include a $75 non-refundable deposit per animal (part of the animal sale price) with the total sale price indicated and terms for final payment, or the total sale price for the animal(s).  A goat(s) will be considered reserved when Melibran Farms receives the non-refundable deposit and sold when full payment has been received.  Payment in full for a goat(s) must be made within 30 days of non-refundable deposit payment and prior to goat pick-up/transportation, unless otherwise agreed upon by Melibran Farms and the purchaser.  If full payment is not received within 30 days of the non-refundable deposit (or the agreed upon timeframe), the goat(s) will once again be made available for sale.

  • Auction Transactions:  Melibran Farms provides a written invoice no later than the date the auction closes.  Invoices will be for the total sale price of the animal(s).  Payment in full for a goat(s) must be made within 2 days of the invoice date and prior to goat pick-up/transportation, unless otherwise agreed upon by Melibran Farms and the purchaser.  If full payment is not received within the 2 days (or the agreed upon timeframe), the goat(s) will once again be made available for sale and the next bidder in line will be contacted for purchasing.

  • Transportation of purchased animals may be provided by Melibran Farms, upon request.  Based on the transportation distance, number of animals, and/or inter-state requirements (CVI/testing), transportation fees may be applied.  For non-auction transactions, the sales invoice will include all relevant purchase charges, including any applicable transportation fees.  For auction transactions, a separate invoice may be provided for any applicable  transportation fees.  Transportation fees must be paid in full prior to delivery.  

  • Melibran Farms reserves the right to not sell an animal to a potential purchaser during an auction or non-auction discussion.  An animal offered for sale is an invitation to enter into a sales contract between Melibran Farms and a potential purchaser; it is not an offer to contract.  Melibran Farms can withdraw the animal from sale before the highest bid is accepted at an auction or before an invoice is sent to a potential purchaser for non-auction discussions.

  • Contact Melibran Farms if return of a purchased animal is being considered.  We will do our best to accommodate returns but have herd biosecurity as a top priority.

  • Melibran Farms does not provide refunds for purchased goats unless there is a signed veterinary statement on the animal in question, identifying a health issue existing prior to transfer of ownership that was not communicated to the purchaser prior to transfer of ownership.

Goat Care Instruction

Herd Testing

CVI/Testing Fees

  • Melibran Farms provides written care instructions with every goat purchase.  The instructions cover such topics as feeding, nutrition, watering, shelter, vaccinations, parasite control, kidding, hoof trimming, and shearing.  Additionally, we will continue to be available to customers after goat purchase.  Please DO contact us via phone or e-mail with any questions.

  • Melibran Farms will provide hands-on training for basic care activities such as drenching, giving injections, hoof trimming, and shearing.  Training can be provided at the time of goat pick-up or scheduled at a different time (before or after purchase).  Any special instructions for training will be communicated during scheduling (eg, specific footwear or tools/equipment to bring).

  • Melibran Farms is a member of the Colored Angora Goat Breeder's Association (CAGBA).  We encourage all of our customers to become members of CAGBA and will submit the paperwork and fees necessary to transfer the ownership of our registered animals on behalf of our customers.  Additionally, CAGBA's website ( has helpful videos posted on topics such as shearing and hoof trimming. 

  • As of June 2020, Melibran Farms has completed herd testing on our adult goats for Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), and Johne’s diseases.  We have not had any goats test positive to date; neither have we had any suspicion of infectivity.  The tests were performed to assure the highest herd health and to provide customer confidence in our biosecurity and measures.  We are implementing an appropriate monitoring program after the initial 100% testing of herd adults.  Herd test results are available upon request.

  • If a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) or additional testing is requested or required by a customer (eg, to satisfy state import requirements), this inspection and/or testing will be performed via Melibran Farms at the expense of the customer.  All inspection and test results will be forwarded to the customer prior to transfer of ownership. 

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