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This skein is hand spun from Angora goat mohair and Gotland sheep wool.  Milana is the beautiful Angora goat doe who contributed her fleece to this blended skein. Gotland sheep are wonderful creatures; very friendly with extremely soft fleeces. 

Skein Length:  50 yds (46 m)

Color:  Cream Mohair and White Wool, Hand Dyed Emerald Green and Sky Blue

50% / 50% Blend of Mohair & Wool Hand Spun Yarn, Two-Ply, Medium Weight

  • We are happy to dye our fiber to a color of your choice.  If you would like to order custom skeins, please send an e-mail ( or call (541-435-4320) with your requirements.  Shipping time for custom skeins is usually within 2 weeks of order placement.

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