The Farmers • Kristi and Hans

We used to dream about a farm by a stream where we could feel the quiet, drink in clean air, and maybe, care for some animals.  Now, we find ourselves living our dream along with our German Shepherd (Brom), livestock guardian dogs, Dexter cows, and our beautiful Angora goats and Gotland sheep. The goats and sheep produce the fiber (wool and mohair) for most of Melibran Farms’ products.  The soft and silky textures of their fiber match the velvety air of the southern Oregon coast. We hope you'll consider purchasing one of our products and consider coming by for a visit.  We believe we've landed here for a work of restoration - for our souls, a healing farm, and the grace of life that will come through the fruit of Melibran Farms. 

Oh ... 

melibran is from our middle names = melinda (meli) + brandon (bran)


You are more than a valued Melibran Farms' customer ... you are our partner!  Two percent (2%) of your fiber and soap product purchase price will be donated to buy goats for needy families globally through Heifer International (www.heifer.org).  Thank you for helping us make a difference, one goat at a time!