Melibran Farms raises Colored and White Angora goats.  The majority of our goats are registered with the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association (CAGBA).  We maintain some that are Registered Whites with the American Angora Goat Breeders' Association (AAGBA).  Angora goats are seasonal breeders so you will see a lot of kid pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages January through April of each year ... they literally jump for joy the first day of their lives!  The pictures you will access through the 'Learn More' button highlight just a few of our wonderful animals.


Gotland sheep are our newest addition to Melibran Farms.  We are not breeding the sheep at this time; the small herd of sheep provide wool for unique fiber products that compliment our focus on mohair.  The gentleness of the sheep and their sweet desire to be scratched have convinced us they definitely belong!



When we started researching cows to add to the farm, Kristi was a bit worried about the size differential between us and them.  We actually went into a pasture with 'normal' cows and realized the worry was appropriate ... they seemed huge compared to us.  Thankfully, we were introduced to three 'Kistner-sized' Dexter heifers ... the photo gallery has pictures of Coral, Nellie, and Gwynnie.  The Dexter cow is an Irish heritage breed that is smaller and perfect for homesteads. We are breeding the girls Spring 2020 and hope to have calves in 2021.


We have THE BEST dogs ever at Melibran Farms.  Brom, our black German Shepherd, is our constant companion.  He watches out for the humans here.  Falcor and Arie are our adult Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) and they keep an eye on the goats and sheep.  Falcor senses when an animal is sick even before they present with symptoms and knows when there are birds of prey near.  Arie is so very patient with our kids ... and nicknamed 'scary Arie' because of her fierce protective nature.  They are a terrific team and in their spare time train Rosie to follow in their footsteps.  Rosie is still a pup and has a few more years to go before she will be a full-fledged guardian ... she is a sweet girl with tons of potential!