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June 11 - June 18, 2020

Noon to Noon, PDT

"Let's Get 'Em Bought!"


Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 !!

1 - View the goat videos, photos, information, and policies


2 - Click on the 'BID'  or 'BUY  GOAT NOW' button and
      complete the form  

      *Starting bid for single bucks/bucklings = $250  
*Starting bid for paired does/doelings = $500
*Starting bid for paired wethers = $250

         **"Buy Goat Now" prices listed on form




3 - Check the website between June 11 and 18 for bidding status 

       Note:  Updated status will be posted by 9am and 5pm PDT each day.  Last day of auction, status 
          will be posted as soon as possible after each bid.


4 - Pay for your goat(s) and arrange transportation, if needed
          Note:  A goat will only appear in the marketplace for purchase after confirmation of the
          winning bid or 'Buy Goat Now' option.

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